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Nicolas & Kaytlyn's Bridals

Mind if I gush a bit?

I'm jealous of my own photos. Say what!? I'm jealous that I don't have beautiful photos like these for my wedding. What I wouldn't give to go back to that day and re-do it!

I regret it for sure. I wish I would have forked out the money for the stunning photos I always wanted instead of just going with who was cheap.

Nicolas and Kaytlyn are seriously a power couple. Simply beautiful inside and out.

I have always wanted to shoot at this location.

I have walked these roads many times and I couldn't help but scope it out for a photoshoot every time I was there working out. I'm so happy that Nic and Kaytlyn were up for taking this bridals session here. I knew it would be fabulous!

We had a pretty constant choir of MOO's going on during the session - it was awesome!

We had this one cow that would NOT LEAVE US ALONE! No matter where we moved, it would come too. I guess that cow just really liked Kaytlyn. Sorry cow, she's taken ;-)

Here are a few of my favorite photos I took of them - BEAUTIFUL!

Photos & Flowers by: yours truly :-)

The cow that would not leave us alone :-)

Leesburg, Virginia Wedding Photographer

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