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5 Money saving tips

from a luxury floral artist

I've done hundreds of weddings and these are by far the best ways to cut cost

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The problem I keep seeing

Are you a bride on a budget?

I know I was when I got married.


I was trying to find every single little way to cut the cost of my wedding and keep things simple. It was so hard to do! I couldn't believe how easily the cost of a wedding could get out of hand.


I got a few flower quotes from various vendors and I was shocked at how expensive it was going to be! I did not have that kind of money.

Lovely double chin... sigh. 

Maybe if I lean away from the camera, it will somehow disappear? This is miserable...

Photographed from the angle I look my very largest. Bleh. 

My wedding day 2010 - I felt SO awkward. I had NO IDEA what I was doing. If only I knew this skill!

why am i sharing this info?

I've had my business, The Photo & Flower Girl since 2013 and have discovered lots of different ways to cut down your floral cost and still have beautiful wedding flowers.


"Emily did such an amazing job on my wedding flowers. She helped me keep it in our budget and they were still exactly what I pictured! My bouquet was everything I always dreamed it would be..." -Lindsay Tanner

Why on earth would I be sharing this information with you!? After all, I do run a wedding flower business and every florist loves it when a bride's budget is infinite, right?  While that is true, I was in your shoes once and I wish someone had shared these tips with me while I was planning my wedding.

Here are 5 simple money saving tips when it comes to wedding flowers.

1. Do Them Yourself

Hah, I probably shouldn't be encouraging brides to do their own flowers because that might put me out of business...but I'm not really worried about that. Plenty of brides do their own flowers and I am still doing fine  :-)

Doing your own wedding flowers is definitely not for everyone but can really help when you are on a tight budget.


MUCH better!

DIY wedding flowers is by far the #1 way to cut cost. I chose this option when I got married and I was really pleased with how everything turned out.


If I were to do my flowers over again, I would DEFINITELY create something different but at the time, I liked it. Looking back, I definitely I settled for the flowers I had available to me at the time instead of getting exactly what I wanted.

If you decide to do your own flowers, keep the following in mind:

1. You will need to arrange your flowers 1-2 days before your wedding date. Do you have time for this? What is the schedule like 1-2 days before your wedding date? Most of the time, it's pretty packed with fun things.  Many brides simply just don't have the time to do their own flowers and so they hire a florist to do it.
2. Do you have access to the flowers you want in your bouquet?
3. Do you know how to construct all the bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages etc?
4. Do you have the supplies you need to make all the items you want?
5. Can you make it look good? I think a lot of brides decide they can do their own flowers and then soon find out that designing flowers (especially bridal bouquets) is a lot harder than they think. I have had many brides call me up and ask me to rescue them from a floral disaster they got themselves into.

Are You in love?

My very favorite couples to work with are ones who love to have fun, be themselves, and are willing to try new things.

Is this you? If it is, I want to work with you 😊

My job is to teach you how to fix ALL the mistakes you’re making in front of the camera and to TEACH you how to do it right so that we achieve the confident, beautiful, and happy wedding photos. 

THIS is my specialty. 

I get comments like this all the time:

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