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About Emily johanson

 Photographer & Floral Artist

Hey There!

Emily Johanson - Wedding Photographer Winchester Virginia

Making deep connections with others is the essence of life.
This is exactly how I live my life every day.

Being around others who have found this deep connection for themselves inspires me.

You are not just another bride to me.

I want to know your love story and how you and your fiance interact with each other FAR before the wedding day.
This is exactly the experience I provide. 

You wouldn't believe how many times I've gotten the comment "it's like I'm hanging out with an old friend again"


You can expect confidence in every aspect of planning this wedding. 

You won't believe how easy it is to work with me ;-)

How I got started

I started my business called "Wedding Flowers by Emily" back in 2013. I only offered floral design.


I had a really awful camera to take photos of my flowers with and I thought, "Wow, nobody is going to want to hire me - these photos make the arrangements look awful!"


I began asking friends with nice cameras to come take the photos of my flowers. After a while, this became way too difficult so I thought, "I'll just learn this myself!"


So, I bought a bottom of the line DSLR camera and got to work. After just a short time owning the new camera, I found out I LOVED taking photos of people - Woop woop! 


After years of learning photography, I officially launched "The Photo & Flower Girl"in 2017, offering both photography and floral design to my brides. Since starting my business in 2013, I have been a part of hundreds and hundreds of weddings. I haven't looked back since!


My business has been an incredible way to connect with others. Sometimes people don't see how beautiful they really are... but it's certainly my mission to show them ;-) 

photographer winchester virginia
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You have to start somewhere!



I'm so happy with how far I've come :-D



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what makes me different?

You will notice very quickly that I truly LOVE what I do. Weddings are 100% MY ELEMENT and I'm seriously so happy I found something I love THIS much.


I'm a firm believer in the idea that if I get to know my couples on a more personal level, they will feel more comfortable showing true emotions around me... which will then result in WAY better photos. Can't go wrong with that!


I'm not the type of photographer who will just show up at your wedding barely knowing your name or what you want to get out of your wedding day.


With me, we talk many times during the process so I can get to know you along the way. I learn about your vision (this is also where flowers comes in!), the feelings you want that day, and how you interact as a couple. I want to know your love story so that I can more accurately photograph those epic moments at your wedding. 

I know the right times to instruct you on what to do (how to hold things, how to achieve the most flattering angles etc.) and I also know the right times to hush and let you have a moment together. Both are important in my eyes. 


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I am also a part of a fantastic group of wedding professionals! If you're still trying to find other vendors for your wedding, this is the place to look :-D
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