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Luxury Wedding 



- Up to 8 hours of coverage

-Printing rights

- All edited, high-resolution images

- 70 professionally edited digital photos *per hour of coverage

- Custom photography plans that only accentuate

the positive and leave out any insecurities

- FREE bridals photo session with me if you have inclement weather on your wedding day and we can't get outdoor photos :-D


2nd photographers can be added


Families & Engagements

- 75 edited images per hour 

- Printing rights to all images

- All images at high resolution

- Delivered through Google Drive

$399 - 1 hour

$499 - 2 hours


Floral artistry

Floral design is a little harder to price out. It all depends on how many items you're wanting!


I would say the majority of my brides get flowers for their wedding party and centerpieces (I certainly can create more than that!) and they end up spending, on average, $2,000- $3,500 depending on how big their wedding party is and how many arrangements they get. 

If you need a quote, just ask!

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