What your photographer WON'T tell you... 

(I can't believe nobody teaches this!)


“Man, I want to look awkward, self-conscious, and have a double chin in my wedding photos.”… said no one ever. 

How do you envision yourself looking in your wedding photos? 

I would say most brides want to look confident, happy, beautiful, and in love. 

And yet, when they get in front of a camera they feel shy, anxious, self-conscious, and awkward… and that’s exactly how their pictures can turn out. 


Why do so many brides still end up looking like this in photos?

Is it something they’re doing wrong? 

Yes. Yes it is. 

Not all photographers are created equally. 

If you’re worried about looking this way in your wedding photos, you need to hire a photographer who’s #1 priority is YOU, and how YOU look in the photos. 

Well, that’s exactly what I do. 

My first priority is making YOU look stunning in these wedding photos.

Because we both know, no matter how beautiful I make the photo look (lighting, composition etc.), if YOU don’t look good in that photo… that photo is out.

End of story.

I specialize in working with brides who feel awkward in front of a camera and teaching them confidence. (Not all my brides feel this way, fyi 😉)

I don’t expect you to show up, knowing how to look good in photos. 

Never done this before? Totally fine!

I follow a distinct process that I have developed through the years that teaches you how to look DANG GOOD in photos. 


Say what!? 

Why don’t more photographers TEACH THIS!?!?!

I’ll tell you why… It’s because the vast majority of photographers don’t know these techniques. 

Say what!?

Again, not all photographers are created equally. 

My job is to teach you how to fix ALL the mistakes you’re making in front of the camera and to TEACH you how to do it right so that we achieve the confident, beautiful, and happy wedding photos. 

THIS is my specialty. 

I get comments like this all the time:

"Not only is [Emily] really fun and easy to work with, she ALSO gave us a ton of pointers on how to stand and position ourselves (don't want any double chins in the photos haha). 

I loved how she took our input and got the shots we wanted. My husband and I felt really comfortable through the whole thing. We got the photos back… and LOVED them. Thanks Emily!" - Paige Newman

My very favorite couples to work with are ones who love to have fun, be themselves, and are willing to try new things.

Is this you? If it is, I want to work with you 😊


Selecting an artist to tell your story is probably one of the most important decisions you both will have to make in the upcoming months and one that will be with you for the rest of your life. 

My goal is to tell your story in the most compelling way possible. I treat every event with the care and the trust that it deserves. What could be more important than giving your family beautiful photographs that will provide enjoyment for years, and hopefully, generations to come?

Are You in love?

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