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David & Eliza's Wedding

Woohoo! These two got married!

David (the groom) is actually my brother-in-law and I've known him for a while now ;-)

I've seen him grow up so much since I first met him 7 years ago. Man I'm proud of him!

He has chosen Eliza to be his wife and we're all so happy to welcome her into the family. They are a beautiful couple and I can't wait to see how much they grow together through the years.

Hah, if you look closely, I'm actually in a few of the photos (yay!). I had my good friend and photographer Brett Taylor take the photos of the whole group.

Thanks Brett! You were a lifesaver!

A beautiful backyard reception complete with live jazz music, a special musical number by Eliza (the bride) and her dad, and another song serenaded by David on guitar.

It was a great night!

Congrats you two! So glad I could be a part of it all!

Photos & flowers by me :-)

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