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Kacie & John's Wedding (Epic cake smash!)

Kacie and John got married at the most beautiful, rustic barn out in Middleburg, VA. This was such a fantastic venue with so much variety... as a photographer, this makes me SO happy :-)

I have to say, all the people in the wedding party were definitely some of the most lively that I've had.

Those groomsmen! Haha! They wanted me to KEEP taking photos of them - usually it's the opposite! Believe me, I obliged :-D

This wedding was a blast with such a laid back feel. It was a dream to shoot!

That cake smash, bouquet toss, garter toss, mother & son dance, and photobombing were epic!

My absolute FAVORITE clients are ones who want to have fun, be themselves, are laid back, and are willing to try new things. I think these are my favorite clients because this is exactly how I run my photo shoots- we mesh so well, personality wise :-D

Congrats to John and Kacie! You two are such a fun couple and I was honored to be your wedding photographer.

Thank you for a fabulous experience!

My favorite photos from their wedding:


The Cake Smash!! The best I've seen :-D

More highlights from the day! Enjoy!