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Kelly & Brendan's Wedding

This was such a perfect time of year to have a wedding! It wasn't too hot outside yet, the trees and flowers were all blooming, and everyone is excited for spring to be in full force.

I got to do the photos AND flowers for this beautiful wedding. Can it get much better!?

Kelly and Brendan love each other SO SO SO much. You could really feel it between them. Brendan was so nervous about the first look because every time he started to think about it, he would start crying. SO SWEET! I'd start to tear up too. Moments like this get me feeling all happily mushy inside. :-D

Kelly and Brendan had a Catholic wedding at a stunning church with gorgeous architecture. The reception was Breton Woods Country Club on a golf course. Beautiful views and wonderful staff - especially the owner who drove us around in a golf cart to take photos.

The reception was a big party with lots of dancing and a great DJ. So fun! I love those action shots ;-)

Such a wonderful wedding day! Congrats to Kelly and Brendan!

I'm really glad you two got married ;-)

I even got in a photo! :-D

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